About Us

Aiming to bring a new paradigm with FPV in visual production worldwide.
With over 5 years in the droning industry, more than 3 of which as a full-time FPV pilot, Louis has quickly become a respected pilot in the FPV world.

Since gaining our Operational Authorisation license, we have delivered unique and dramatic content for creative, demanding clients such as McLaren, Mercedes-AMG, Adidas, ITV, KSI, SkyTV, BooHoo, Netflix and many more. Our FPV content has ranged from complex landscape shots and outdoor sports, to commercials and natural history/Wildlife.

As an FPV cinematographer, Louis also works alongside Directors and Producers in the UK and internationally to showcase what FPV can do for wildlife, cinema, social campaigns, and commercials, offering professional FPV services, from creative planning to execution.