Wildlife FPV

We approach wildlife FPV with ethics first. The well-being of the animals is our priority when creating truly dynamic FPV cinematography.

Our most recent wildlife shoot with FPV. Predators – By True To Nature for SkyTV & Netflix.

Cinema FPV – The highest quality image to FPV there is.  6K, RAW, global shutter. This type of drone is capable of 100mph+. Initially hovered hundreds of meters away from any wildlife to habituate them to the noise. The best establishing shot tool. 

Gimbal FPV – ‘The Inspire 2 on steroids’… Dual operation, the smoothest cinema FPV footage thanks to the DJI RS3 PRO gimbal capable of 120mph+. Red komodo, Sony FX6 and similar are all cameras of choice. Horizon locked throughout. Always using the same approach to noise as the cinema FPV.

Long-range Gopro FPV – Carrying the Gopro hero 11, 10 bit colour, 5.3K resolution – the drone flies miles out for long range missions to capture that location no person can go. 

Waterproof Gopro FPV – a fully incased waterproof FPV drone carrying the Gopro hero 11. Heavy rain (and lava) is no issue now. 

Normal 5 inch Gopro FPV – The standard in FPV. Where FPV originated from. A very compact, light and fast drone. Hero 11 capable of both the front and rear of the drone, and a lot less noisy than the other drones.

Prop guarded 5 inch Gopro FPV – A safer alternative to the normal 5 inch. No damage is done to any party should an occurrence occur. Flying style and speed is somewhat limited, but safety is paramount. Great for weaving through forests as the branches bounce off the guards. 

Naked Gopro FPV – The quietest drone in our arsenal – most wildlife do not seem fazed by this type of drone. A footprint of only 25cm, that is capable of carrying a naked hero 11 of 10 bit colour and 5.3k. Battery life is therefore limited depending on the type of shot but it is more or less 3-5 minutes.